Barracuda Core Review

Barracuda Core Mens 21-Spd Hard Tail Mountain Bike - White/Red, 20 InchHere we present our reivew of the Barracuda Core mountain bike. We have conducted our review using research from manufacturer sources, customer feedback and our own experiences with this bike.

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Barracuda Core Overview

The Barracuda Core mountain bike is a mid-range bike that is ideal for riders who want useful features and good quality without a large price tag. It is one of the top 5 selling mountain bikes in the UK right now and has received positive feedback from customers.


Assembling this bike is designed to be simple and straight forward, the front wheel, pedals and saddle need bolting together and this should take no more than 20 minutes. Just make sure to test the brakes before you take it for a ride to avoid any potential accidents.

Barracuda Core Gears

Gears / Brakes

The Barracuda Core has a set of 21 speed Shimano gears with micro shift dual-index rotational shifters. Many riders prefer thumb shifters instead of grip shifters and so this bike is a good choice if you are looking to avoid using grip shifters. The brakes are well constructed with a disc-brake on the front wheel and a v-brake on the rear for good performance and reliability. If you are having issues with misaligned brakes then this video gives a good guide to correcting them.

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The Barracuda Core is one of my favourite mountain bikes for under £200 mainly because of the amount of potential it has. The components of this bike are decent and the whole thing looks great. If you want a bike that you can use for a day trip at the weekends or just for some exercise then the Barracuda Core is a good choice.