Barracuda Mystique Review – An all-rounder

Barracuda Women's Mystique Mountain Bike - Silver ( Wheel 26 Inch, Frame 18 Inch)“cheap price combined with relatively good components”

Looking to get back on the saddle and get in shape? If you are, or just want a reliable bike that can cope with pretty much anything the roads or dirt tracks can throw at it then the Mystique has good potential.

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This bike was first available in March 2012 but has seen a steady increase in popularity in the last 6 months, and seems to be the result of a cheap price combined with relatively good components and overall design that have given this bike a good reputation.


Apart from the price tag, the most appealing factor for me was the frame. It is lighter than other mountain bikes in the same price range which will take the sting out of any steep inclines you may come across when riding.


When it comes to performance the Mystique punches above it’s weight but if you are looking to tackle some more advanced mountain trails and go off the beaten track then you may have to spend around £500 for a full suspension bike that will perform well on all the obstacles and jumps that you will face.

However this bike would be ideal for general road and off-road riding along country lanes, cycle paths and any other surface that is prone to potholes, divots and bumps.

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