Barracuda Radon Review – Hard-Tail Mountain Bike

Barracuda Radon Review “A mountain bike with a solid reputation”

Today we examine the Barracuda Radon, the information presented here is from detailed product research from manufacturer sources, customer reviews and our own experience with this bike.

The Barracuda Radon is a great bike for riders of all abilities and has some features that novice and experienced riders will appreciate, without the hefty price tag you could expect to pay in your local bike shop. The Radon is a relatively new model and is growing in popularity, especially on Amazon where it has a 5 star rating.

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Delivery is normally very quick with this bike and can be with you in less than 24 hours in many cases if ordered through amazon. Putting the bike together is pretty simple as it comes in several large parts, so all the complicated bits have already been assembled. It is just a matter of attaching the handlebars, front wheel, and pedals to the bike and do a quick safety check of the brakes then you are ready to ride.

Barracuda Radon review saddleImproving comfort

The most upgraded part of any bike is always the saddle. Even though the standard saddle is perfectly fine for relatively short rides, if you want to spend a whole day riding then it may be worthwhile either upgrading the saddle to a gel one or buying a padded saddle cover. The cost of a new saddle is worth it especially when you consider the price of the bike.

Barracuda Radon review suspensionSuspension

The suspension on the Radon was slightly too soft for my weight but after some slight adjustments it was much better. If you are hoping to do some off-road cycling with this bike then a good suspension is a must have. You will really the difference afterwards compared to a rigid mountain bike.


Overall I had a good experience with the Radon and I know that others were impressed with it too. There are a huge amount of cheap mountain bikes in the same price range with some strong competition but the Radon is definitely in my top 3 so far.

If you want a bike that is well built and is good value for money, the Barracuda Radon is a strong choice.

 Barracuda Radon : Specs

  • 20″ lightweight alloy hard-tail frame
  • Zoom CH386 front suspension fork (65mm travel) with alloy crown
  • Shimano 21-speed dual-indexed gears with Microshift controls
  • Alloy V-brakes front and rear
  • 26″ alloy rims and hubs
  • 1.9″ tyres
  • Padded sports saddle with Quick-Release seat post
  • 100mm stem
  • Suitable for Inside Leg Measurement 74cm-89cm (29″-35″)
  • Suitable for teenage / adult riders