Barracuda Team Road Bike – Affordable Way To Get Cycling

Barracuda Men's Team Bike Road Bike“one of the best selling road bikes”

Welcome to our Barracuda Team Road Bike review where we present a detailed overview this bike from customer reviews, manufacturer sources and our own personal experience with this bike.

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Product Overview

The Barracuda Team Road Bike is designed as a starter road bike for users who want a quality bike with many features  of a high end bike but without the large price tag. It is currently one of the best selling road bikes on Amazon right now and boasts an impressive 4.3 out of 5 rating from people who purchased this bike.


The Barracuda Team Road Bike is relatively simple and straight-forward to set up. The process should take no longer than 20-30 minutes even for first timers, simply follow the instructions in the manual and take extra care when testing the bike for the first time. The brakes and gears come pre-assembled so this greatly reduces the difficulty when assembling the bike and any problems that can arise.


As with most bikes the comfort of the saddle is subjective and greatly depends on the requirements of the user. After a 3 hour ride I did not feel uncomfortable on this bike, having tested many before. However if you are planning any long distance trips over several days then upgrading the saddle may well be a good choice. It’s worth noting that the bike does not come with the correct allen key that fits the saddle so be sure to have a set ready.

Barracuda Team Road Bike gearsGears

The Barracuda Team Road Bike comes with a 21 speed gear system with bar mounted grip shifters. There is great debate and snobbery in the cycling world about grip shifters, but unless you intend to do any kind of racing or group competing then they are fine for most purposes, whether it is the daily commute or a cycle in the country.


Given the price of the bike I think many would agree that it is relatively light, although nowhere near as light as a professional road bike which would cost many times more. It weighs approximately 15kg in total and so should not cause any problems in everyday use, it is also good for burning a few extra calories.

Barracuda Team Road Bike | Summary

It is clear to see why the Barracuda Team Road Bike is a best seller on Amazon right now with great value and good features for anyone looking for a road bike for a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking to lose some weight and get fitter or save on the cost of fuel for your daily commute the Barracuda Team Road Bike is a strong choice.

Barracuda Team Road Bike | Specifications

  • Lightweight 221/2″ alloy road frame in Team colours
  • Shimano TZ30-31 21-speed (front & rear mech) with Shimano SL-RS bar-mounted shifters
  • 700C road fork
  • Verismo profiled alloy wheels
  • Kenda 700 x 23C tyres
  • Alloy dual-pivot brakes
  • Alloy seat post and 100mm alloy stem
  • Padded sports saddle
  • Toe-clips and straps
  • Suit ILM: 33″ – 38″

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