Boss Blackdawn Review – Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Boss Blackdawn Men's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike - 26-Inch, BlackWelcome to our Boss Blackdawn Review. This review is comprised of extensive product research for several sources, including customer testimonials, manufacturer sources and our own experience with this product.


Product Overview

The Boss Blackdawn is a mountain bike designed for entry level users who want the performance and features of a top range mountain bike but without the hefty price tag.


As with most bike purchases, the Boss Blackdawn comes in several parts and is partially assembled. You will need to follow the instructions to put the parts together, but the process is relatively straight forward and should take around 30 minutes to complete.

If you have never assembled a bike before and are not confident in being able to do so then we advise that you take it to a local bike shop to be assembled. This is also a good option if you are new to the world of mountain biking and you can normally get good advice on maintaining your bike and any possible improvements from staff.Boss Blackdawn saddle


Many users may want to think about upgrading the saddle if you are intending to go on long bike rides as this can greatly affect comfort on any bike. However if you are just looking to ride for a few hours each week or do any kind of mountain bike racing then a new saddle is probably not necessary.


The Boss Blackdawn comes with a 21 speed twist grip gear system that is pre-assembled. This means that you should not have to worry about problems with gears not functioning properly due a mistake when putting the bike together. Twist grip gears are generally a good choice for most mountain bikes as they ensure that you keep a full grip on the handle bars when changing gears.


The Boss Blackdawn is lightweight for a mountain bike at around 19kg, this is particularly useful for anyone who will be using this bike to do any kind of slalom racing or going up some steep inclines regularly.

Mud Guards

One feature of this bike that really came in useful was the mud guards. Mountain biking on the moors with some friends showed me just how much mud it was possible to get splattered if you don’t have any mud guards as I returned relatively clean compared to others.


A good suspension is a must when mountain biking or riding along bumpy country lanes. I would not say that the suspension was the best I have ever had but for the price of the bike it performed well overall.

Boss Blackdawn Review – Summary

The Boss Blackdawn Mountain Bike is currently the most popular mountain bike on Amazon right now. This is probably due to the good value for money you get with this bike. I would say that it is a good choice for any newcomers to the world of mountain biking who aren’t looking to spend a huge amount on their first bike.

We hope that you have found our Boss Blackdawn Mountain Bike Review useful and aided your search for the best bike for you.