Boss Stealth Mountain Bike Review – Dual Suspension

Boss Stealth Mens Dual suspension bikeThe Boss Stealth Mountain Bike appears to have overtaken it’s predecessor (the Boss Blackdawn) in popularity over the last few months. The Boss Stealth has proven once again that Boss Bikes are onto a winning formula with their range of budget mountain bikes that are topping the bestseller lists. It also helps that they can normally sell this bike for under £200, which for any kind of dual suspension bike is a price that is difficult to beat.

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Most bikes that can be purchased online normally arrive partially assembled, with the most complicated parts (the brakes and gears) already assembled. The only parts that need to be put together out of the box are the front wheel, pedals, handlebar and saddle, all of which are relatively straightforward.

Most users should expect to take around 30-40 minutes to assemble the Boss Stealth, just make sure to follow the instructions in the manual carefully to avoid any problems. Also double check the brakes before using this bike for the first time to ensure that they are working correctly.


When buying a low budget mountain bike, one of the biggest concerns that customers will have is, ‘will it last?’. Thankfully the Boss Stealth Mountain Bike provides a sturdy hi-tensile steel frame that may not be the lightest, but can take a beating from all kinds of potholes, bumps and rough terrain you may encounter.

The next part I would like to mention is for anyone who goes out for a ride and returns looking like they just won a mud wrestling tournament. You’ve got it, mud guards, which are a great addition to this bike and would normally have to be purchased separately on other mountain bikes.

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The saddle on the Boss Stealth Mountain Bike leaves a lot to be desired, as it is pretty basic in terms of comfort, however this is normally the case with budget bikes as the majority of saddles are normally upgraded to suit the needs of the rider.

boss stealth mountain bikeThe gears are better than you would normally expect to find on a budget mountain bike, particularly the shifters which are not the usual grip shifters that can be awkward to use, instead there are a pair of micro thumb shifters which seem to be easier to use. The Boss Stealth has a total of 21 gears, which should be plenty for most recreational riding.

The brakes are pretty decent with front and rear mechanical disc brakes which will normally last longer than traditional U brakes and will perform better when wet too.

Boss Stealth Mountain Bike – Summary

Considering the price of the Boss Stealth, it’s surprising just how much you get for your money. With dual suspension, disc brakes, mud guards, and micro shifters I would be reccommend this bike to anyone looking for a good entry level mountain bike.

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