Falcon Spartan Review – British Built ,But Is it worth the money?

Falcon Spartan Mens Front Suspension Bike - Black / Yellow, 26-inchFalcon bikes have a long history in British cycling but is their latest budget mountain bike, the Falcon Spartan, able to compete with the big boys?

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It is designed as an entry level mountain bike for people who need a bike to ride some country lanes, rough cycle paths or even some steep hillside paths, the Spartan is pretty well equipped to do the job.

Just looking at the bike from a distance it looks strong, the frame is well constructed and has a good finish to it. The wheels are built to withstand some rough treatment too with deep double walled rims.

Falcon Spartan Review brakesThe Spartan comes with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes which is a good feature considering the price of the bike.

Disc brakes work very well compared to standard ‘U’ brakes but may need to be properly tuned, so if you are thinking about getting the Spartan find a local bike shop you can take it to get it properly setup.

If you are likely to be tackling some more extreme terrain a full suspension bike like the Barracuda Arizona may be worth looking at.

The front suspension is good overall but may require some adjustment to suit each rider, it also has a handy feature to lock the suspension from moving so it can used to ride on roads more efficiently.

The Spartan does cost slightly more than other budget mountain bikes but has been well built with some quality components.

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