Mafiabikes TR6 Interceptor Review – New Bike On The Block

Mafiabikes TR6 Interceptor Race Road Bike Racer in Metallic Silver Medium Frame“surprisingly good value considering the specs”

The Mafiabikes TR6 Interceptor Race Road Bike is a new model from May 2013 and is currently the most popular road bike on between £200 and £300. The Interceptor is  designed as a starter road bike for new cyclists or those who have a budget to stick to.

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The Interceptor features an aluminium frame which is remarkable considering the price of this bike. Most other road bikes in the same price range will have steel alloy frames, which are heavier.

Having a lighter frame will allow you to ride further and for longer without getting as tired compared to heavier steel frame bikes.

The Woodworm White Lightning is another similar priced road bike worth looking at.

Assembling this bike is relatively straight forward, the only parts that need attaching to the bike are the seat, pedals and handlebar.

It should take around 20 minutes to put it all together but I would also recommend that users take it to a local bike shop for proper tuning a calibration. You will probably pick up some general bike maintenance tips too.

Mafiabikes TR6 Interceptor Race Road Bike RacerThe Interceptor has a doublecrank set which will give riders access to a wider range of gears making it easier to find the most efficient one for the hill you are climbing. It will also reduce the wear on the chain so should last longer than a bike with a single crank.

Overall this bike is surprisingly good value considering its specs. The only part I would upgrade from it would be the saddle but I would do that with most default saddles because they are pretty uncomfortable. If you are looking for a decent road bike on a budget then you can’t really go wrong with the Interceptor.

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