Raleigh Pioneer 3 Review | Women’s Aluminium Hybrid Bike

2014 Raleigh Pioneer 3 Women's Aluminium Hybrid BikeHybrid bikes have been growing in popularity recently, they are designed to be as light as a road bike but have the off-road comfort of a mountain bike, a ‘best of both worlds’ if you will. The 2013 Raleigh Pioneer 3 Women’s Aluminium Hybrid Bike is the newest women’s hybrid bike from Raleigh.

The Pioneer is designed for riders who want a bike that can cope with anything that roads, cycle paths, and off-road trails can throw at it, and is described as ‘functional, practical and reliable’.

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It has an aluminium frame which will make it noticeably lighter than other steel framed hybrid bikes, and will allow you to ride further and faster.

Another popular women’s mountain bike worth looking at is the Barracuda Mystique.

The gears on the Pioneer are a set of 24-speed Shimano with a triple chainset on the front derailleur, so will definitely give riders a wide range of gears to choose from when tackling a steep incline.

Raleigh Pioneer 3 Review saddleOne other good feature with the Pioneer is the saddle, it’s actually comfortable, and not one of the same old uncomfortable default saddles that most other bikes have, Raleigh have finally done something about it.

“top of the bestseller list by the end of 2013”

Considering the price and specs I would not be surprised to see this bike continue to grow in popularity and see it at the top of the bestseller list by the end of 2013. So if you want an affordable bike that is designed to be good in any situation then I would recommend the Pioneer.

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