Rooster No Mercy BMX Review – Boy’s Bike

Rooster No MercyThe BMX has been around for decades now but the design has remained pretty much unchanged, with this in mind we take a look at the Rooster No Mercy to see it’s own interpretation of this classic design.

Rooster have been topping the bestseller lists with their range of affordable BMX bikes in recent years and the Rooster No Mercy is no exception. The fact that one of these can be picked up for under £150 from most retailers and comes with all the basics required for stunts and tricks, it’s no wonder why the No Mercy is so popular.

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Bike Assembly

The Rooster No Mercy is pretty simple to assemble because it comes partially assembled from amazon and the only components that need attention are the pedals, saddle and front wheel, all of which are simple to attach to the bike.

Rooster No Mercy – Features

As mentioned previously the No Mercy, like most BMX bikes is all about fun, and comes equipped with the must-have component for any potential BMX master – the stunt peg. The pegs on the No Mercy are smaller than average but this is after all a shorter bike aimed at kids 6 years and up. (the Rooster Big Daddy is a BMX bike aimed at kids 7 years and older)

The frame is sturdy and made from hi-tensile steel so will withstand any rough treatment that kids can throw at it. The wheels are deep rimmed, making them stronger than normal with a set of 48 spokes.


Rooster No MercyThe brakes are standard alloy front and rear U brakes which will be suitable for the vast majority of situations. Just make sure to check that the brakes are configured correctly after assembly and check the brake pads regularly.

The saddle has quite a good range on it so can take kids of different heights and should last a good few years before they eventually grow out of it.

Summary of the Rooster No Mercy BMX

Looking at the other customer reviews and the price of this bike it seems to give pretty good value for money and has all the parts required for some fun BMX riding.

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