Stowabike Review – Folding City Compact Bike

Stowabike Folding City Compact Bike


Stowabike folding city compact bike review

The Stowabike is designed for commuters and users who want an easy and practical way to take their bike anywhere. This bike is currently in the top 10 most popular bikes on Amazon right now.

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Assembly and Maintenance

The bike is relatively straight forward to assemble and should take no longer than 20 minutes if you follow the instructions in the manual. Once assembled it is important to check and double check the brakes are functioning properly before going for a ride.

The bike is easy to fold up and it will fit into the boot of most cars, however if you are concerned about the size be sure to measure the dimensions of your car boot just to be sure, as a few people said the bike would not fit in smaller cars. It is also worth knowing that the shape of the bike when folded does not allow the handlebar to be altered from the default unless you bring the allen key for it.


The bike handles well and is generally good on most roads/tracks so would be ideal as a bike to have in your car when you go caravanning/camping. However if you are planning to do lots of off-road cycling then I would recommend the Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike