Viking Echelon Review – New Road Bike From Viking

Viking Echelon review“For the price, it’s got some strong specs”

Viking have produced some high spec bikes in the past, but their newest design is an affordable road bike aimed at new riders and those on a budget.

The 2013 Viking Echelon Gents Road Racing Bike is only a few months old but is already making a name for itself and is steadily growing in popularity.

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It has some good features that give it lots of potential and after some tuning and minor upgrades could be on par with bikes worth twice as much.

The frame on the Echelon is made from aluminium so is much lighter than steel alloy, but not quite as light as carbon fibre frames, however unless you are willing to spend at least £1000 you will find it difficult to get a carbon fibre bike.

A similar road bike worth looking at is the Viking Peloton

2013 Viking Echelon Gents Road Racing Bike shiftersIt comes with 16 speeds, so has a double chainset which will help to take the sting out of any inclines. The shifters are brake lever integrated Shimano STIs, so there is no need to worry about having to use a clunky pair of grip shifters with the Echelon.

“The Echelon has a lot going for it as a good starter bike”

The assembly process is relatively straight forward, even for new cyclists, however I would recommend anyone who wants to get best performance and longevity from this bike to get it properly setup and tuned at a bike shop. You may also get some good maintenance tips.

The Echelon has a lot going for it and is a good starter bike for new cyclists who may not want to spend a huge amount on a bike but still get something that can perform well.

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