Viking Jetstream Review – Leading The Pack

viking jetstream reviewWelcome to our Viking Jetstream Review where we present our research on this bike from customer testimonials, manufacturer sources and our own experiences with this bike.

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Bike Overview

The Viking Jetstream is a 2013 road bike designed for new cyclists who want to have some features of a top tier road bike but without the added cost. The bike is very popular on amazon right now and is currently in the top 10 best selling road bikes and is climbing each month.

Putting it together

This bike, as with most ordered online, comes partially assembled which means that putting it together is a relatively simple, straightforward process. It should take around 20 minutes to assemble with the 3 main parts to attach being the front wheel, handlebar, and pedals. Ensure that you double check the brakes before you take the Viking for out for a test ride as they can require some slight adjustments.


The Jetstream comes equipped with a 14 speed Shimano gear system with a pair of Shimano SL-A050 handlebar mounted thumb shifters. Thumb shifters are generally considered to be superior to grip shifters in the road cycling world due to the reputation of grip shifters to be slightly ‘clunky’ to use when changing gears and reports that grip shifters have a higher malfunction rate.

Viking Jetstream Review saddleSaddle

The saddle on the Jetstream is of the same quality as the vast majority of other bikes in the same price range and higher. However if you are looking to use this bike for a daily commute or some long distance rides then it would a good idea to upgrade it to a gel saddle or invest in a padded saddle cover to provide better comfort than the default one.

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The Jetstream has a mostly positive response from the customers that have bought it. So if you are looking for a road bike that will perform well in most situations for novice or experienced riders but without the hefty price tag then this bike a strong choice.