Viking Prelude Ladies Bike Review – 7 Speed Traditional Bike

2013 Viking Prelude Ladies Traditional 7 Speed Bike Black“Practical and Elegant”

The Viking Prelude Ladies Bike has been a customer favourite for quite a while and I think it has a lot to do with the combination of good build quality and practicality that makes it a bestseller.

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Putting this bike together is simple because it comes partially assembled, so anyone should be able to do it in less than 45 minutes, just make sure to follow the instructions fully (as incorrect assembly can void your warranty). There are plenty of people who don’t bother reading them.

As far as performance goes, you won’t be seeing this bike on the next tour de france due to the steel frame, but it does have a standard set of Shimano 7 speed gears and alloy front and rear V brakes.

Anyone who has a dislike for grip shifters will be pleased to know that it also has STI shifters which are thumb operated and generally better to use.

The mud guards, front basket and rear pannier rack all add to the usefulness of the Prelude, making it ideal for a trip to the shops, park or anywhere else that you may want to take things with you.