Viking San Remo Review – Underrated?

2013 Viking San Remo Gents Road Racing Bike 16 SpeedViking’s newest road bike for the 2013 season is a bit of a dark horse and seems to be under the radar of most buyers looking for a good quality budget road bike.

For under £500 you can normally expect a good starter bike and the San Remo falls into that price range. Is it any good? The short answer: yes, but there is still room for improvement.

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It has good potential for a bit of competitive riding with drop bars and integrated STI brake shifters. Making changing gears and braking about as simple as it gets compared to some more awkward setups found on cheaper models.

The aluminium frame is standard but seems to be fairly well constructed. The addition of the carbon fibre forks is a nice touch when you consider most bikes in the same price range will just have aluminium or steel forks. So this will take a bit of weight off the San Remo.

As far as gears go in this price range a set of 16 speed shimano ones will do the job for most scenarios, just expect to do a bit of fine tuning every now and then.

viking san remo road bike saddleThe saddle, as with the vast majority of bikes will probably be upgraded by most people to suit their preferences. But overall anyone searching for a budget bike that has all the basics and a solid setup then the San Remo is worth the money.

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