Vittesse Sprint Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Vittesse Sprint Review221/2″ Alloy Race Cycle Bathed in a hue of lightning blue, the Vittesse Sprint Racing Bike offers a perfect balance of value or versatility in a race inspired design. Constructed using an alloy frame, with 700c steel forks, silver line racing tires and lightweight alloy rims this racing bike gives riders ultimate control on the road. 21 speed Shimano gears is the ultimate in road biking, giving the Vittesse Sprint an exclusive edge over all other competitors. This is a comfortable and classy bike, great for just about anyone.

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Build Quality – 3/5

First of all, this bike comes 90 percent assembled. All you have to fix together is the seat and adjust the handlebars to suit your height and riding style. The 700c steel forks, alloy finishing of the entire frame is sturdy and together with the handlebars, seat all look to be rugged for daily use. Unpacking, assembly and readying for the first ride in total takes only 20 to 30 minutes. Even the tires are well thought out and instead of having reed thin racing tires, these are slightly thicker, perfect for racing/commuter bikes.

Looks – 4/5

One look at this bike from any orientation is sure to catch the gaze of onlookers. It sports a flashy blue alloy frame with streaks of white here and there. Silver lined tires accentuate the lightning blue/white combination further bringing out the best features quite clearly. In short, it is a bike that anyone would love to display in their garage.

Riding Style – 4/5

Riding out over uneven terrain is not that much of a bother. Yes, the grip shift and gears as well as the brakes are kind of oddly placed but with practice, it becomes easy handling them all. Where this bike really excels though is on highways and over flat expansive terrain. But if you plan on getting this bike for pure commuting purpose then be ready to switch riding positions, changing the grip frequently, which at times can become slightly uncomfortable.

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Features And Specifications Of The Vittesse Spring Racing Bike

  • Shimona 21-speed Gears
  • Alloy Race Design 221/2”
  • Road Forks, Deep profiled rims are 700c Steel.
  • Side-Pull Brakes are strong and lightweight.
  • Rotational gear shifting mechanism is handle bar mounted.
  • Silver lined road tires (700c X 28c)
  • Pearl Blue lightning finish.
  • Adjustable padded sports saddle seats.

Rated at ages 12+ and above