Woodworm Glacier Point Review

Durable, fast and affordable best describes the Woodworm Glacier Point. This bike comes in a beautiful white finish and is made to traverse rugged terrain with the utmost in comfort and stability along the way. While this is not the bike you would want when racing, you can use this bike for casual riding or riding on mountainous terrain.

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This Woodworm Glacier Point review will look at all aspects of this bike from assembly to riding pleasure.

Glacier Point Specifications

  • Speeds: Shimano 18 gears
  • Safety: EN-14766
  • Wheels: 26” multi-purpose alloy wheels
  • Brakes: Steel V linear pull
  • Frame: 19.5”
  • Weight: 17.5 kilograms

Features and Ride

Featuring Shimano gears, I knew this bike would ride smoothly, but I first had to begin assembly.


A basic assembly is seen. You will need to dedicate 30 minutes or more to assembly, but you may be able to assemble the Glacier faster if you have experience. The basic parts need to be assembled, such as the handlebars, saddle, front tire and of course pedals. This was a breeze and the instruction manual is very easy to follow.

You may want to purchase a tire pump if you do not already have one present. While the tires were adequately inflated, it is not uncommon for bikes to be left in the box for quite some time and tire pressure to seep out in the process.

Upon completion, you will want to adjust the seat and handlebar height to ensure that it fits the rider perfectly. This should be done before fully tightening the respective piece.

Ready to Ride

Upon sitting on this Woodworm model, you will notice that it is heavy, yet very easy to balance. The tires are higher than most at 26”, but they are very sturdy. You can easily ride through rocks without ever worrying about piercing being seen.

The Shimano gears allow for easy speed shifting with 18 levels to choose from. As you traverse different landscapes, you will find that the seat is very comfortable and the handlebar grips are more than adequate. The only minor complaint seen is that there is no suspension seen. When going over rocky terrain, you will feel every bump along the way. For a more casual ride, or if you are not a serious mountain rider, the lack of suspension should not pose much of an issue.

The Steel V type brakes are very strong and will help you stop abruptly if needed. The pedals easily grip your shoe and provide the utmost in traction at all times.


  • Terrific quality for the price.
  • Smooth gear switching.
  • Steel V Brakes.
  • Very comfortable seat and handlebar grips.
  • Shipping is very fast.


  • No suspension present.

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The Woodworm Glacier Point is a great bike for him or her. While it is heavier, this allows for better overall control during use and the tires are extremely versatile and durable. Assembly is a breeze and the tires do come inflated, but you will want to check the PSI to ensure they did not deflate during shipping.

With very smooth gear changes and the utmost in comfort, the Woodworm Glacier Point is a very affordable, high quality mountain bike that we highly recommend.