Woodworm GXI PRO Review – Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Woodworm GXI PRO Dual Suspension 26" Mens Mountain Bike“A Good Starter Mountain Bike”

The Woodworm GXI PRO has been around for a few years but seems to have remained relatively unnoticed which is surprising considering it is one of the cheapest dual suspension mountain bikes available.

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This bike has been designed for entry level riders and would probably be good for riding to the shops, commuting to work or just some rough cycle paths at the weekends. It’s not up to the challenge of some more advanced mountain bike trails or other extreme terrain so if you expect this bike to perform like a £500 bike, you will be disappointed. Check out the Lombardo Alverstone 300 for a cheap bike that can.

The brakes on the GXI PRO are not bad, a set of V brakes for a bike in this price range is not too shabby.

The gears may need some fine tuning after putting the bike together so if you don’t have much experience with bikes definitely take it to your local bike shop to get them sorted. You’ll get better performance from them and  they should last much longer.

Woodworm GXI PRO

Some bikes have a suspension that can be temperamental but the GXI PRO seems to do the job ok, the standard resistance on the front suspension  should be fine for riders under 15 stone.

Considering the price, the Woodworm GXI PRO is a good starter bike and will cope with most cycle paths, roads and woodland trails just fine.

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